Bad or dud seeds

Rule of nature not every seed pops or makes it to germination stage, many reason can be the cause. But never the less if 80% of the seeds dont make it, we will replace the pack 100% free with your next purchase. 

We don't replace seeds purchased outside of us or unregistered retailer,

We don't replace seeds that where purchased over 1 year.  We warranty our product for 1 year 

Damaged Goods: 

 Caused during transport through shipping companies. We are not held liable for, cannot or nor will be held accountable for. You need to contact the shipping company and file a claim. At wich point we will need confirmation of report filed so we can claim insurance for both parties. We place package insurance on all our tracked packages. We will replace the purchase free of charge once the file is claimed. 

Stolen Packages are not uncommon in our day and age. How ever we do not replace stolen parcels 

We have seen every trick in the book and have shipped to 54 countries, we have had seized packages from customs in many countries and have found ways around it. We will replace seeds if you can provide the seize of contraband documentation from customs. 

Once Tracking number has been given we conclude our transaction. 

Now in event any of the unforeseeable mentioned above does happen just reach out to us with proper documentation with pictures, and I'm sure we can work something out.